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EarthCapades Turtle

EarthCapades believes that every day is a great day to Enjoy, Celebrate and Protect our prescious planet. This Earth Day website has many great ways to do that and describes the history or EarthCapades.

Earth Day Network

NGO's Save the Earth Kids Page is loaded with great tips, activities and education

National Geographic Kids

EarthCapades partners with the Pacific Beach Coaliton to spread advocacy, education, community building, and citizen action on the California Coast. 

Pacific Beach Coalition

The California Regional Environmental Education Community Network 

provides this excellent resource for Environmental Education.


Hearty has been a surfer for over 50 years and suports and applaudes Surfrider Foundation's mission to fight for Ocean Protection

Surfrider Foundation

16 Year Old Boyan Slat visualized this amazing effort to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch!

The Ocean Cleanup

The Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency has been partnering with EarthCapades for over 14 years! Their website has some great resources for Water Conservation.


The circus school where Lissin and Hearty learned acrobatics from Chinese Acrobat Master, Mr. Lu Yi (R.I.P.)

San Francisco Circus Center

So you want to learn to juggle? Here is where we get our jugging/circus props.

Renegade Juggling

EarthCapades Links to Inspirational & Educational Resources

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