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School Assembly Programs

EarthCapades has over 25 years of experience presenting exciting and educational school assembly programs!  Students of all learning styles benefit from a blend of live action and big-screen, multimedia, facts, pictures, music, and tricks. 

Highly developed skills including juggling, magic, comedy, storytelling and music keep students and teachers on the edge of their seats.  EarthCapades effectively weaves humor and circus skills with environmental education and science standards to teach, inspire, and entertain

The H2O Show

Educate your students about the importance and science of the Earth’s most precious resource, water!


EarthCapades’ multi-talented performers take you on a journey through the cycle of water, where our water comes from, and how we all can take care of it. 


New presentations, updated every school year, combine music, juggling, magic, comedy, and audience participation with learning to enthrall teachers and students of all ages. Take a ride from the clouds and the rain through the pipes and the treatment plants to learn how water connects everything on the planet!

“I LOVE this assembly and the students love it too. PLEASE bring it back every year!”

5th Grade Teacher

M.H. Tobias Elementary

Daly City, CA

Hearty and Lissin educational assembly
Hearty and Lissin educational assembly
Hearty and Lissin educational assembly
EarthCapades Turtle

Earth Day, Every Day!

Every day is Earth Day, and every day is a great day to go outside, protect and enjoy nature!


In “Earth Day, Every Day”, your students have fun while learning about 

  • Conserving, Protecting & Respecting Natural Resources

  • Environmental Science

  • Nature Awareness 

  • Taking Active Responsibility to Protect the Earth


EarthCapades blends humor, circus arts and music to inspire appreciation for the Earth and steps we can take to live in balance with nature.  

“EarthCapades puts on a First Rate, professional show that is entertaining for the elementary grades to adults – EarthCapades makes education FUN!


Eric Gallenkamp

Elementary School Psychologist

Concord, CA

recycling logo

Waste Reduction Production

In EarthCapades’ “Waste Reduction Production” your students will learn ways to: 


REDUCE the amount of waste we create and natural resources we use

REUSE everyday products

RECYCLE properly

RESPECT Planet Earth.  


EarthCapades “Waste Reduction Production” teaches that “Saving the Planet can be Fun!”

"Thank you so much for coming to our school and inspiring all of us, teachers and students, to preserve our Earth! Your assembly has always been a favorite, combining important facts, helpful hints, and entertainment—a winning mix to keep children's attention."

Science Teacher

Quail Run Elementary

San Ramon, CA

"I took my students on a school-wide/neighborhood trash clean-up the day after the presentation. We collected our garbage, sorted the recyclables, and talked about stuff that should not have been thrown away in the first place. We got out into the streets and saw storm drains, which we now know connect right to the creeks in our area. We will do clean-ups once a month now!"


Eagle Peak Montessori Charter School

Walnut Creek, CA

Hearty and Lissin educational assembly
Hearty and Lissin educational assembly

Safe Routes to Schools

In this exciting one-man show Hearty combines unicycling, skateboarding, juggling, comedy and storytelling to teach audiences how to safely walk and roll to school while protecting the planet. 

"The educational value of this program is excellent! It reinforces what we tell our children about road safety. When they hear it from an outside source, the hope is that it will sink in! Thank you very much for your enthusiasm and passion!"


5th Grade Teacher

Martin Elementary

South San Francisco, CA

"Very impressive presentation! Delivery is humorous and engaging - kept kids attention throughout. I would recommend to other schools without hesitation!

5th Grade Teacher

Orroyo School

San Carlos, CA

Conflict Resolution

We Can Work It Out! is a great way to introduce and reinforce anti-bullying and violence prevention for elementary school students.  This show can encompass specific school-related topics to help support or introduce healthy conflict management techniques.

Students learn the ground rules and 3 steps to working out conflicts.  All while laughing  and marveling at the improbable display of dexterity.  The show is based on the successful Community Boards curriculum for conflict resolution in schools.

Thanks for starting our day with a learning experience that was extraordinary to say the least.

Elementary School Principal

Memorial Elementary

Laurence Harbor, NJ

“The information is so well communicated through song, movement, acrobatics, and multimedia.  I really appreciated that key words were repeated in Spanish throughout the presentation. The “edutainment" provided by Lissin and Hearty from EarthCapades is top-notch.”


Cabrillo School

Pacifica, CA

“The best assembly to date. The kids LOVED the entertainment as well as the practical and vital information on how to deal with conflicts, bullies and choices.”

PTA President

Horrall School

San Mateo, CA

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